Bernard Lorjou – Les Sirènes, 1965

By LORJOU Bernard (1908-1986)

Bernard Lorjou (1908-1986)
Les Sirènes, 1965


Woodcut print on Auvergne Richard de Bas paper.

Edition of 200.

+ Size of the sheet: 38,5 x 28,3 cm / 15,1 x 11,1 in.
+ Size of the image: 35 x 25 cm / 13,7 x 9,8 in.

Condition: In very good condition, with soft handling creases at the edges. Vivid colors.

Issued from the portfolio “Le Bestiaire, ou Cortège d’Orphée” by Guillaume Apollinaire, known as the sole book ever illustrated by Bernard Lorjou’s woodcut prints. The portfolio was one of the five winners primed by the French Books and Graphic Arts Committee in 1965.

This portfolio is numbered 40/200 and its justification page is hand-signed by Bernard Lorjou. Please note that the plate you buy is NOT signed ; the justification page is printed on a different sheet. A COPY of said page can be provided upon request.

Printed by Robert Blanchet.

Edited by Éditions d’Auteuil, Boulogne-sur-Seine.

Referenced in Monod #338.

All the woodcut plates were altered after the printing of the portfolio, making any re-impression impossible.



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