François Bazin (Attr.) – Spiro, La force du vent, c. 1915 – Art Deco bronze sculpture!

By BAZIN François (1897-1956)

François Bazin (Attr.)
Spiro, La force du vent, c. 1915

Art Deco silver-plated bronze sculpture of 3,1 kg.

Mounted on a dark hardwood panel.

The signature “F. Bazin”, attributed to François Bazin, is stamped on the bottom left side of the triangle.

+ Size of the wood panel: 17,5 x 22,5 x 1,5 cm / 6,8 x 8,8 x 0,5 in.
+ Size of the bronze sculpture: 14 x 13 x 3,5 cm / 5,5 x 5,1 x 1,3 in.

Condition: The bronze sculpture is in overall good condition, with some minor defects and scratches. One small visible stain on the forehead of the mask at the right. The silvery coating slightly wears off and appears matte in some places. The wood panel is slightly chipped in. Green velvet mounted on the back, with some hand-writings in felt pen on the verso.

The bronze sculpture displayed Spiro, the official mascot for the French car dealership Spiros, which manufactured air compressors.

The mascot depicted two masks issued from Greek mythology, Zéphir (Zephyr) and Aquilon (Boreas). One of them sucked up the air, while the other blew it away, symbolizing the inhaling and exhaling of Spiro’s products.

A beautiful Art Deco bronze sculpture!

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