Irénée Rochard – Ours assis

Green patinated bronze sculpture

By ROCHARD Irénée (1906-1984)

Ours assis
Irénée Rochard

condition: Green patinated bronze sculpture.

Signed on the terrace and numbered 5/8, foundry seal.

Dimensions: H. 20.47 in W. 19.69 in D. 12.60 in. – H. 52 cm L. 50 cm P. 32 cm

“Behold the magnificent bronze masterpiece crafted by the renowned artist Irénée Rochard—an awe-inspiring sculpture capturing the essence of a seated bear.
This monumental piece stands as a testament to Rochard’s artistic prowess, showcasing meticulous detailing and a profound understanding of form.

From 2023-11-22 to 2023-12-14

Unavailable from 22/11/2023 to 14/12/2023

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