Pablo Picasso – Tête d’homme barbu, 1966 – Rare!

By PICASSO Pablo (1881-1973)

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Tête d’homme barbu, 1966

A fantastic original etching (Aquatint) printed on Vélin de Rives paper by the Master. Very scarce!

+ Size of the sheet: 48 x 38 cm / 18,8 x 14,9 in.

Condition: In excellent condition. May have some occasional soft handling creases or some minor stains at the edges. Image very clean otherwise, well-inked.

Issued from the portfolio “Sable mouvant”, illustrated with 10 aquatints by Pablo Picasso (please note that we only sell this plate and NOT the complete Art book). “Sable mouvant” is Pierre Reverdy’s last poem, considered by the author himself as his poetic legacy. It was published posthumously through the eponym in-folio, in an homage from Pablo Picasso to his late friend. The Art book was published by Louis Broder in 1966, Paris.

The aquatints were engraved by the hand of Pablo Picasso himself, and printed by Crommelynck Workshop. All the engraving plates were scratched after printing, making impossible any modern re-edition.

Referenced in Cramer #136 ; Bloch #1183-1192.

A rare and beautiful edition by Pablo Picasso!


A COPY of the justification page, numbered 193/255 & hand-signed by Pablo Picasso can be provided upon request. The etching itself is unsigned & unnumbered.

Please note that the justification is printed on a different sheet, NOT on the back of the plate that you purchase.


Price : 2500,00  ( 2735.00 USD )

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